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    New Changes!


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    New Changes! Empty New Changes!

    Post by Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:16 pm

    The New YouNow Features:
    Gifts, Coins, Inbox, and Toggle Voting!

    1. Gifts!
    Logged-in users can give broadcasters gifts during their broadcasts.

    These gifts (which include roses, kisses, coins, bling and more!) cost Coins that can be earned by:

    Active participation on the site - the more time you spend watching, voting and chatting.
    Daily logins.
    AND Promoting YouNow by inviting friends to come and login to YouNow. Use the sharing features.

    2. Inbox
    You will be informed of important updates & news right on

    3. New Voting Logic
    Voting will be changed to give all users one vote per minute, with the option to change back and forth, at no cost.

    Have questions about these new features?
    Let us here your thoughts below!

    roses - 10
    hugs - 35
    100 coins - 100
    ten thumbs up - 400
    crown - 500
    marriage proposal - 1000
    bling - 2500
    jail time - 9000

    Overall the changes are amazing!


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