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    YouNow Ipod app review


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    YouNow Ipod app review Empty YouNow Ipod app review

    Post by RyanHolmes on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:31 pm

    I just received the download link to the YouNow ipod app.
    I downlaoded and installed the app with no problems.
    I logged in and got in que.
    When the broadcaster infront of my ending there broadcast I was skipped.
    I stayed as first in queue and couldn't broadcast.

    just thought id give my first thoughts.

    somethings i notioced.
    im sure you know

    you cant vote
    you cant view the broadcasters before you
    the time is about 10 seconds off from laptop/pc time

    UPDATE 1:
    I just attempted to do another live broadcast frOm my ipod touch. ON TALK+
    This time when i was next to broadcast i went live. But with no visual.
    YouNowers said they could hear me but not see me at all.
    I am attempting to go live again to see if it happens again.

    during the time when i was waiting in the que i had my ipod app and browser on the same room.
    I don't know if that had something to do with it.

    UPDATE 2:
    Now i do not have the Younow up on my PC, just on my ipod.
    And i am stuck at first in que again, the person second in que just broadcasts before me and i stay 1st.
    im attempting this is talk2

    UPDATE 3:
    I was again stuck in 1st in queue.
    I only had my ipod logged into younow.
    and my computer on the younow channel not logged in.
    and i still was stuck in 1st queue.

    UPDATE 4:
    I got in queue with my laptop and went live, on the Rants channel.
    While i was live i opened my YouNow App and attempted to go live, on the same channel.
    I got in queue on my ipod right after my live broadcast on my laptop, and when live on my ipod.
    The viewers said they could see and hear me. So the app was working correctly.
    During my broadcast i noticed no problems. The time counter was about 2-3 seconds off and comments were delayed.
    Viewers noticed a 10-15 second lag on the video.
    I also noticed when viewing my ipod broadcast from my laptop that it had a 10-15 second lag.
    Everything else ran smoothly.

    UPDATE 5:
    While i was live broadcasting on my laptop, i got in que with my ipod younow app.
    My ipod app did broadcast perfectly.
    After several broadcasts on my ipod YouNow app, i wanted to see if it had something to do with broadcasts on my laptop.
    So i got off of YouNow on my laptop and got in que with my ipod.
    Again when i was 1st in que i was skipped by the broadcaster behind me and was stuck in queue.

    It seems that i may only broadcast live on my ipod when i jump in que while i am already live on my laptop.

    more to come

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